You can’t always get what you want – and sometimes that means you get what you need. Limiting factors can make more interesting pieces. For example, sometimes, I couldn’t get a good enough photo to do a large painting. So I started making these “snapshot” paintings with lots of small images. And the result is a more complete picture, showing more than one angle and more than one moment in time.

Each of these are done on a single sheet of paper, no cutting or pasting. In general, I’m using a 3″ grid to start with. So, below, the image of the mom is 3″ by 6″. The two square images are each 3″ x 3″.

Black necked stilts
Stilts – Watercolor
Young Black-necked Stilts and mom in Corte Madera, California
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon Snapshots – Watercolor (Disappeared when I was moving paintings out of a local restaurant, I’m assuming this was stolen)
Mexico Snapshots 2 – Watercolor
California Ground Squirrels
Ground Squirrels – Watercolor – Sold
Squirrels move around so much, you never see them from just one angle.
Alaska Cruise – Watercolor – Sold
Bird Watching – Watercolor on gelatin monotype
A fellow painter felt that my snapshots needed something to pull them together, so for this one I started with a pale gelatin monotype using leaves for texture. Images are from the best bird watching in San Rafael – the local sewage treatment plant
Tucson Birds
Tucson Birds Snapshots – Watercolor
Asilomar Montage – Watercolor
It was so very cold and windy. I couldn’t stay out long enough to paint on site. Except for the topographic map which I painted at home, for each segment, I went out, sketched the image with some notes on color, and came back inside to paint.

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