It’s surprisingly difficult to paint people well! I think the main problem is that we know them too well. We can interpret the tiniest change in the shape of the mouth as a change in mood. And, if you’re painting someone who might see the painting, you want them to feel good about the image. So, I haven’t done many images of people.

A woodcut (relief) print I did for a class. It’s from a photo taken about 1959 on a bright, hot day. I’m in yellow.


Easter Sunday Family Photo
Easter Sunday – Woodcut
4-H Boy and Cow
A Boy and His Cow – This is an etching. It’s my first multi-plate aquatint. Aquatint is a way of etching a zinc plate so that prints done from it look a bit like watercolor. The boy and cow were at the Marin County Fair.
Alison and Jemma – Watercolor – Sold – A very good friend. Always there to help and to understand.
Vaea – Watercolor – Sold
Painting of man with cap and sunglasses
Bart – Watercolor – NFS
Susan – Watercolor – Sold – A watercolor of an amazing person. Thoughtful, intelligent, and there when you need her. And she likes ducks!
Martin – Watercolor – Fortunately, he has very good balance. I tried. These things are very wobbly for us grown-ups.
Mom – Watercolor – NFS
I did an “album” of small paintings. Click to see the full album.

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