“Erased” Paintings

This is the opposite of the traditional technique. I roll lots of watercolor paint over non-absorbent paper. Then, with water, brush and rag, I lift the paint off where I want white.

It’s a nice break from the usual method. And the foreground is lifted up out of the background, almost like sculpting.

Petaluma Swan
Spotted Owl
Sequoia (Northern Spotted Owl) – Sold
Swainsons Hawk
Hinton (Swainsons Hawk)
Great Horned Owl
Old Owl Two (Great Horned Owl)
Red Shouldered Hawk
Phoenix (Red-shouldered Hawk)
Loki (Raven) – Sold
Pele (Peregrine Falcon)
Pele (Peregrine Falcon) – Donated
Eurasian Eagle Owl
Athena (Eurasian Eagle Owl)
Great Horned Owl
Old Owl One (Great Horned Owl)
Great Horned Owl
Old Owl III (Great Horned Owl)
Dark trees against firy background
Flame Trees – Erased Watercolor – NFS

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